Smart cane Robin

Assistive technology that helps blind community members to orientate themselves in unfamiliar surroundings.

Narrates the world around. Warns about obstacles. Helps to find a person nearby and confidently speak up.

Robin helps the blind individual to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Object finder with distance measurement
Daily routine made easier. Seek people and confidently speak up to them.
Face recognition

Upload photos of your friends, colleagues and relatives, so that Robin recognise them with you.
Obstacles detection

Stay informed about the obstacles and feel vibration alerts to avoid them.
50 objects
can be found easily with Robin
0, 25 seconds
passes until you hear the recognition result in "turbo-mode"
10 metres
maximum reach for the object finder
Robin is an assistive technological device that can be carried around by the blind individual. It reminds of a camera that perfectly fits the arm. You would not need any internet connection and applications to make the device work. Just unfold the delivery kit, turn it on and start exploring.
Front surface
The front of Robin smart cane body contains the following from top to bottom: a range finder, cameras, a flashlight, a microphone. The cameras catch the surroundings and then detect all familiar objects, people and their faces and calculate distances to them.
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Upper surface
On the upper surface of the body there are seven buttons. They are responsible for the smart cane functions control: object search and distance measurement, face adding and recognition and others. For more detailed information, please read User Manual.
Lower and back surface
There are mini-USB charging and 3,5 mini-Jack headphones/speakers sockets in the body undercut on the rear surface of the device. On the lower surface of the device body there is a serial.
Robin App
Some device settings are available from the Robin app. Download the app from Google Play Market or App Store and install it on the phone. Please note that the app works only along the device.
How it works
To use Robin point it to the objects and people with its body front. Press the button required and fix it on the surface examined.

Upon pressing the button, Robin performs the action and processes information with the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.
In one or two seconds you would hear found objects, distances and people name's through the headphones or speakers, connected to the device.

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Technical specifications:

Color: black

Dimensions: 145,5 х 76,8 х 77,3 mm/ 5,7 х 3 х 3 in

Weight: 471 gr / 16,6 oz

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4,0 & Wi-Fi

Headphones/speakers port: mini-Jack

Charging port: mini-USB

Battery life: 3 hours

Cameras: 2 pcs

Microphone: 1 pc

Ultrasonic radar: 1 pc

Delivery set:

Smart сane Robin

Power supply unit with mini-USB cable

Two hand bands to hold the device


User Guide "Quick start"

Braille "Quick start" User Guide

User Manual and Warranty

I liked the smart cane Robin, it is unusual, fairly light and compact, despite the fact that it is essentially a stand-alone computer. It helps to be more independent when relatives or another assistants are not around.
An active deaf-blind woman
We help our users
A massage-therapist
I use the device outdoors, because for us, moving around the city is a difficult task. I' d say that navigation is easier with Robin: in my area there are a lot of cars and Robin precisely determines them and the distance to them. You feel safer and more confident that you will not run into them or hurt yourself.
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